Sandra Liddell Reese


Turkey Press was founded by Harry Reese in 1974, when he was a graduate student at Brown University. He moved to Berkeley, California in 1975, and in 1977, with Sandra Liddell Reese, relocated the press to Isla Vista, near Santa Barbara. As of Spring 2005, Turkey Press has issued 57 books, primarily contemporary poetry in a variety of formats and edition sizes. The texts are most often printed letterpress from metal or polymer types combined with original art. Harry and Sandra Liddell Reese design, print, bind and frequently make the paper for their books. In 1990 they established a second imprint, Edition Reese, to produce limited editions in collaboration with various artists, writers and thinkers. Harry Reese is a Professor in the Department of Art, and directs the Book Arts program in the College of Creative Studies (which he established in 1985), at the University of California, Santa Barbara. He teaches book art, print, papermaking, public art, and media ecology classes.

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