The Sea Gazer

56     Turkey Press  ·  Isla Vista  2007

The Sea Gazer ·  Poem by Michael Hannon

The images for this long poem were originally created for a unique artist’s book by Harry Reese in 2003 (Edition Reese 12). The type is handset Dante printed on dampened Hahnemühle Biblio. The images for this edition, based on scans from the 2003 book, were cut on a Roland plotter from 12 x 18 inch sheets of adhesive-backed printed Kitakata. The poem was written in 1964 and first appeared, in a slightly different form, in City Lights Journal, Number Three, in 1966. It was included in Ship Without Paper (Turkey Press 16). Signed and numbered by the poet and the artist. 26 pages. Edition of 75 copies. 9.25 x 14.5 inches.


55     Turkey Press  ·  Isla Vista  2006

Distraction ·  Poem by Michael Hannon

The ink-jet print of a banana leaf is based on a photograph taken by Sandra Liddell Reese in her garden in Isla Vista, California. A laminated sheet of Kitakata and Kogon grass paper has been French-folded to create four page surfaces. Michael Hannon’s three-line poem has been letterpress printed on the laminated sheet from handset Narrow Bembo. Signed by the poet. Edition of 45 copies. 9 x 6.5 inches.

The Secret of the Heart

54     Turkey Press  ·  Isla Vista  2005

19     Turkey Press  ·  Isla Vista  1980

The Secret of the Heart (Second edition)  ·  Poem by David Roberts

The text for this 2nd edition, following the design of the first letterpress edition published in 1980 (Turkey Press 19), is set in Dante, and was digitally printed on 100 pound Dulcet. Except for the “C” at the beginning of the poem (relief printed from wood type) the heart-red images were printed letterpress from polymer plates. The ink-jet printed wrapper is sampled from a handmade paper painting on a cover from the first edition. Production assistance from Matt Cohen and Sher Zabaszkiewicz. 24 pages. Edition of 175 copies. 6 x 9.5 inches

Kinnikinnick Brand Kickapoo Joy-Juice

53     Turkey Press  ·  Isla Vista  2004

Kinnikinnick Brand Kickapoo Joy-Juice ·  Meta-Fours by Jonathan Williams

Seventy-six power packed gulps of quintessential Jonathan Williams (1929-2008) in the form of meta-fours (four-word-per-line poems of undetermined length) in combination with pen and ink drawings by John Furnival (printed from polymer plates). Designed, letterpress printed, copiously adumbrated and bound by Sandra Liddell Reese in a false-accordion, sewn-boards style with handmade paper on the spine and cover. The type is Narrow Bembo and Gill Sans cast by The Letterfoundry of Michael & Winifred Bixler and printed on Dulcet. Signed by both poet and artist. Edition of 145 copies. 10.5 x 4 inches.


The Country Road

The Country Road

52     Turkey Press  ·  Isla Vista  1998

The Country Road ·  Poem by James Laughlin

Designed by Sandra Liddell Reese in collaboration with Tom Adler in memory of James Laughlin (1914-1997). This poem, by the founder of New Directions, first appeared in The New Yorker in 1992. Printed on a single sheet of French-folded Kitakata from handset Perpetua and bound in a three-panel paper case of grey Moriki paper. The Iris print of the painting by Marjorie Phillips that hung in the Laughlin dining room in Norfolk, Connecticut was scanned from a photograph taken by Sandra Liddell Reese. Edition of 70 copies. 6 x 7.5 inches (folds out to 22.5 inches).

Slender Means

51     Turkey Press  ·  Isla Vista    1996

Slender Means  ·  Poems by Michael Hannon

By popular demand the press has issued the third edition of these ten short poems following the format of the two previous editions. The binding is based on a book structure by Hedi Kyle. Handset in Perpetua and printed on Arches text laid with Turkey Press handmade paper serving as both the cover wrapper and slender title page. This so-called “banner edition” includes a hand-colored ink drawing by Sandra Reese that flaunts the printer’s typographical error. Edition of 300 copies. 4.75 x 6.25 inches.

Heart Island & Other Epigrams

50     Turkey Press  ·  Isla Vista  1995

Heart Island & other epigrams ·  Poems by James Laughlin

Forty-four short poems accompanied by twenty-four wood engravings printed for this edition from polymer plates. The paper is Nideggen for the poems and French-folded Kitakata for the images. The type is Walbaum, composed by the Letterfoundry of Michael & Winifred Bixler. The wood engravings were made or compiled by M.L. Breton for Dictionnaire Infernal, published in Paris in 1818. Signed by the poet. Edition of 200 press-numbered copies. 5 x 8.25 inches.

Wind, Water, Stone

48     Turkey Press  ·  Isla Vista 1991

Wind, Water, Stone ·  Octavio Paz, translated by Eliot Weinberger

A poem in four parts handset in Times Roman and printed on Arches Cover. Four linoleum cuts by Leonardo Nunez. Six sheets are loosely laid in a printed Canson paper chemise. Signed by the artist. Edition of 20 copies. 18 x 12 inches.


47     Turkey Press  ·  Isla Vista  1990

Arplines ·  Artist book by Harry Reese

Ten folded sheets with drawings, relief prints, collages, typographic prints, paintings and collaged poems by Harry Reese based on the work of Jean (Hans) Arp. The text is printed from a variety of types on Arches cover. Loose laid sheets in a chemise and a box with an acrylic painting on the cover panel. This edition is revised and expanded from Turkey Press 18. Signed by the artists. Edition of 43 copies. 8 x 13 inches.