In Visible Cities

In Visible Cities (2012)

Edition Reese · an edition of 73
signed and numbered by the artist

An artist book by Jean-Pierre Hébert. The poems and illustrations for this project are inspired and structured by Italo Calvino’s text and by John Cage’s “mesostics.” Influenced by the typography of Iliazd, we feature hand-set upper case Gill Sans on Niyodo Natural. Turkey Press handmade paper on the front and back covers.
In the words of the artist: “First, the book title as mesostic line filters and selects proper city names as wing words. Then, city-name mesostics assemble each poem from snippets chosen in their order of appearance within each city chapter. Last, fractal timelines animate worlds of lines, colors, and symbols implied by each city character and text properties. Generative poetry composed by ideas translated into code, deliberate rule breaking through chance or bugs, and digital humor.”