The Secret of the Heart

54     Turkey Press  ·  Isla Vista  2005

19     Turkey Press  ·  Isla Vista  1980

The Secret of the Heart (Second edition)  ·  Poem by David Roberts

The text for this 2nd edition, following the design of the first letterpress edition published in 1980 (Turkey Press 19), is set in Dante, and was digitally printed on 100 pound Dulcet. Except for the “C” at the beginning of the poem (relief printed from wood type) the heart-red images were printed letterpress from polymer plates. The ink-jet printed wrapper is sampled from a handmade paper painting on a cover from the first edition. Production assistance from Matt Cohen and Sher Zabaszkiewicz. 24 pages. Edition of 175 copies. 6 x 9.5 inches